Welcome to The Drowsy Knight! You might be wondering what exactly that name means. (If you are a theatre buff like me, hopefully you will get my reference!) The Drowsy Chaperone is a fantastic show, a hilarious parody of 1920s musical comedy. And I am course, a Scarlet Knight – a proud Rutgers University student (Go Knights!) So, there you have it: The Drowsy Knight. 

I created this blog because I love Broadway, musicals, acting, and basically anything and everything to with theatre. Here I’ll keep you up to date on current shows and past shows, actors and actresses, and how to navigate the theatre and Broadway scene if you are new to all this. I am fortunate enough to live less than an hour from Manhattan and Broadway, making it very easy to go see shows – when I somehow manage to scrape up enough money, of course.

If you live locally, in the Rutgers-New Brunswick area, you are in luck! I will also be posting about local shows happening in our area, mostly directed and performed by my wonderfully talented fellow Rutgers students.

And, who doesn’t love discounted tickets?! Here you can find links and information about the cheapest possible ways to see all of your favorite shows.

Enjoy your stay, and keep on Dancing Through Life!



This header has borrowed and remixed images from wikimedia.org; all images have been made available for reuse and modification.


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