Check Out My Mixtape, It’s Fire

Okay, it’s not actually a mixtape. Or even music. It’s just my audio file that I had to create for my WordPress site. I was pretty excited because I’ve never edited music or created a podcast or anything like this, and I always love trying new things. I first opened up Audacity, then went to to pick the songs I wanted to use. This step was a little tedious, because I had to listen to a lot of songs before I found the ones that I wanted to use. I came across some very… unique songs, to say the least. Finally, I decided on two songs that I liked and thought would work, and I uploaded the first one into Audacity. Once I started actually editing, I was already aggravated within the first 30 seconds. That seems to be a common denominator in all of my posts, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING; the only effects I could add were “Normalize” and “Wahwah”, neither of which were helping me at all. I started troubleshooting and googling solutions, but none of the pages I found were helping me solve my problem. I finally came across a page that showed me that you couldn’t edit anything else until you pressed the ‘Stop’ button in the top left hand corner. Hoping this would solve the problem, I clicked it, and sure enough it did. What a relief. Now it was time to actually start editing. I experienced a few bumps along the road, but overall, the process was fairly simple. I enjoyed fading the music in and out, and recording my voice over and making it sound like how I wanted it to. The end result came out a lot better than I expected. It is certainly not perfect, and I am sure it could use some improvement, but for my first attempt at creating and editing an audio file, I am pretty proud of myself. After my initial headache, I really enjoyed this process and I am glad that I was able to figure out any issues I had and create this audio file.


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