Creating my site!

Creating my site was definitely a lot more difficult that I thought, initially. I thought I would catch on very quickly, but it took me a while to get used to all of the different tabs and buttons to click. It was overwhelming at first, because I have never used something like this; I have a Tumblr, but that is much more simplified and easier to navigate than WordPress. It was very overwhelming!

4257136773_704c0b0dd5_o (1)

Basically what I looked like while trying to create my website.

Once I figured out how to use everything and I felt comfortable with the website, my next challenge was customizing my website to make it look like how I wanted to. It was very difficult to pick a theme and colors that I really liked, and stick to it. I must have gone through at least 20 different themes before I found my current one that I am sticking with. I am way too indecisive to quickly pick a theme and just not think about it anymore.


My inner turmoil over deciding on a theme and other customizations for my website. 

Eventually, I decided on how I wanted my page to look. Eventually.

Overall, I am very happy with how my website came out. Although it was challenge at first, this was a great learning experience, and I feel like it can really help me in the future with jobs I am going after.

Images are from Flickr user o5com and Flickr user barkbud, made available for reuse and modification. 


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