Ronald McDonald House Charities Collaboration

Hey guys! Here is a Podcast from one of my collaborators, GreatDane.Couture. Make sure you listen and check out her website!


Guest Post from GreatDane.Couture!

Hey again everyone! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am working on a collaborative campaign with three others. I have a special guest post from one of my partners, Dana Hibbs, the owner of greatdane.coutour.wordpress.com. Below I am posting a link to the Podcast she created, highlighting all the wonderful features of the Ronald McDonald House. Be sure to listen, and check out her great website!


Ronald McDonald House Charity Project!

Hey everyone! I posted here my final project about the Ronald McDonald House charity. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure the check out their website! Maybe you can even donate or volunteer there, since it is so local. As you may know, I am a big supporter of local businesses, theaters, and nonprofits, so I hold this near and dear to my heart. Thanks for watching!


Exciting News!

ronald mcdonald house

Hi everyone, it’s Kaitlyn here with some exciting news! My partners Dana Hibbs, Marisa Dixon, and Carla Freire and I and working together to generate informative and exciting content about the nonprofit of our choice, the Ronald McDonald House, located right here in New Brunswick. Each of us will either be making a video or a podcast to showcase this wonderful organization and show just how much of a positive impact it has on our community. Since each of our projects will have our own unique style, make sure to check out their websites as well to get the full experience. I’m looking forward to working with the Ronald McDonald house, and I hope you are excited to learn more about them! Check out their website here to get some background info before watching my video.


Check Out My Mixtape, It’s Fire

Okay, it’s not actually a mixtape. Or even music. It’s just my audio file that I had to create for my WordPress site. I was pretty excited because I’ve never edited music or created a podcast or anything like this, and I always love trying new things. I first opened up Audacity, then went to freemusicarchive.org to pick the songs I wanted to use. This step was a little tedious, because I had to listen to a lot of songs before I found the ones that I wanted to use. I came across some very… unique songs, to say the least. Finally, I decided on two songs that I liked and thought would work, and I uploaded the first one into Audacity. Once I started actually editing, I was already aggravated within the first 30 seconds. That seems to be a common denominator in all of my posts, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING; the only effects I could add were “Normalize” and “Wahwah”, neither of which were helping me at all. I started troubleshooting and googling solutions, but none of the pages I found were helping me solve my problem. I finally came across a page that showed me that you couldn’t edit anything else until you pressed the ‘Stop’ button in the top left hand corner. Hoping this would solve the problem, I clicked it, and sure enough it did. What a relief. Now it was time to actually start editing. I experienced a few bumps along the road, but overall, the process was fairly simple. I enjoyed fading the music in and out, and recording my voice over and making it sound like how I wanted it to. The end result came out a lot better than I expected. It is certainly not perfect, and I am sure it could use some improvement, but for my first attempt at creating and editing an audio file, I am pretty proud of myself. After my initial headache, I really enjoyed this process and I am glad that I was able to figure out any issues I had and create this audio file.


The Joys of Creating a Header

This week, I learned how terrible I initially am at photo editing. Seriously, it it was not good. At all. But, after a few minutes of accidentally deleting my pictures and doing God knows what else to my header, I FINALLY started to get the hang of it. It actually turned out to be pretty fun! I knew WHAT I wanted to do, I just needed to figure out HOW to do it. I struggled at first with figuring out where all of the different buttons were and how I could do what I wanted to do. I ended up clicking on most of the buttons just to see how they would change my image; most of it made it look awful. But, after a while, I learned what did work and what did not work. I picked my initial image and because I liked the colors on it and the way it looked, I only lowered the contrast a little. Next, I added another layer, putting the image of the knight in the left hand corner. Finally, I added the title of my site, ‘The Drowsy Knight’ on as a final layer. I like having my blog title in my header; I think it gives it more personality and appeal than just the plain image I had. Overall, I am fairly happy with how my header came out. I wish it didn’t stand out so much in the middle of the page, but I am not sure how to fix it. This will have to do for now. Maybe I will play around with Pixlr again and try to possibly smooth out the edges ad give it a nicer look; I am not sure how to do that though, so it will take a while to figure out. I really enjoyed created my header, even if it was a little difficult at first. I have never used Photoshop or any other photo editing software, so this was a completely new experience for me. Since I want to go into PR in the future, I think knowing at least the basics of photo editing software will be very helpful in my future endeavors.